COMMspirations January – February 2019

COMMspirations January – February 2019

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COMMspirations series is back and will be published monthly. If you feel like sharing any action, you can always contact me. 

  1. Commission representation in Poland (Komisja Europejska w Polsce)

Commission representation in Poland is a great source of inspiration for working with influencers!

For the upcoming Europe Day (9 May), they are now working with a popular dance studio in Warsaw. Recently, they have also collaborated with several micro-influencers and organised a trip to Brussels. The aim was to visit European Commission and discuss key issues such as climate change. These visits were reported by influencers.

Key takeaway: work with micro influencers to reach a specific audience

  1. Transparency International – launch of Corruption Perception Index 2018

I followed closely the launch of 2018 Corruption Perception Index and can definitely say it is a great example of an online launch! Teaser message in social media, video explainer of the methodology, excellent infographics and Instagram Stories – these are only few examples of how this report was communicated. The report website is also a great example of a report website.

Key takeaway: leverage the power of social media for launching your online publication

  1. EU Tax & Customs Live Twitter Q&A

EU institutions regularly organise Live Q&As sessions in social media. This is a recent example and I find it a great way of communicating with citizens.

No matter where you are, you have an opportunity to ask questions to EU Commissioners or MEPs.

Key takeaway: organise Q&As sessions on your social media pages to communicate with your followers

  1. Eurochild webinar

I came across this post on Twitter and thought it is a very good example of mobilising your member organisations prior to the #EUelections2019.

Key takeaway: mobilise your member organisations prior to the EU elections; webinars are a great way to do this

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